It’s through our amazing volunteers that PRC is able to offer free programs and services in the community. Below, you’ll find information about how you can sign up and join us in offering a helping hand to others today! 

Currently, PRC’s volunteer protocols  are:

  • Masks are strongly recommended, but not required, at this time. This rule is impacted by the CDC community risk level.  Volunteers at partner sites should follow that site’s health and safety requirements.  PRC will communicate any changes to this policy.
  • Volunteers are encouraged to practice safety steps outlined by the CDC, here.
  • Volunteers are required to wear a nametag while volunteering at PRC. One-time volunteers will be provided with an adhesive name tag. Ongoing volunteers will receive a personalized lanyard from their supervisor.
  • Volunteers must log their volunteer hours. When onsite, they must use the touchscreen to track their hours.
  • Volunteers who are unwell should refrain from coming to PRC.

Food Stocking & Distribution Volunteer Opportunities:

Our Food Pantries provide needed food to thousands of households each year and are a great place to give back to the community.  Some shifts distribute food in a drive-thru format, while others allow a limited number of clients indoors to shop for food. Volunteers help by stocking shelves, sorting donations, directing traffic, and distributing food inside or outside.

Food Stocking & Distribution Volunteer Requirements:

  • Volunteers must be able to remain on their feet for 3 hours.
  • Volunteers must be able to lift 3 milk jugs.
  • Volunteers must be at least 13 years old. 

Food Stocking & Distribution Volunteer Groups :

  • If you are a family signing up, please complete one application per person.
  • We are able to accommodate groups of up to 4 people. If you have a larger group that is able to be split into smaller groups of 2-4 people, please email khook@peoplesrc.org for more information.  If you have a larger group that cannot be divided, we encourage you to contact Northern Illinois Food Bank (NIFB), a partner and supplier for PRC.  They are able to accommodate larger groups. Go HERE to learn more and view their calendar.

To apply to volunteer in our Food Pantry, see the section below entitled Volunteer Applications.

Other Volunteer Opportunities:

At this time, we are accepting volunteer applications for positions listed HERE. Unless otherwise stated, all positions are for Adults aged 18+. 

To apply to volunteer in an open position, see the section below entitled Volunteer Applications.

Volunteer Applications:

Choose the application below that fits you.

We will respond via email no later than 2 business days after you submit your application to provide next steps in the application process.

Age 13-17 years

  • If completing an assignment to volunteer from your school, faith community, Jr. Board, or the courts, click here.
  • If volunteering for enjoyment, click here.

Age 18+ years

  • If completing an assignment to volunteer from your school, faith community, Jr. Board, or the courts, click here.
  • If volunteering for enjoyment, click here.