Due to Covid, both PRC services and volunteer opportunities are being offered in a modified manner that is different than usual.  Certain opportunities that are usually available might not be available at this time, and offerings might require remote access or have special requirements.   

Below, you’ll find information about how to volunteer and what volunteer opportunities there are at this time. 

There are currently health and safety protocols that all volunteers must abide by:

  • Volunteers must complete a health screening questionnaire before being permitted to enter the workplace.  Volunteers in certain jobs will have access to an electronic questionnaire and will receive an email with specific instructions.  Others will complete a form upon arrival.
  • Volunteers must wear a mask or bandana/scarf covering their mouth and nose while at PRC.  Volunteers helping to transport food in the community must wear a mask or bandana/scarf during their shift when outside their vehicle.
  • Volunteers must volunteer at one PRC location; they cannot volunteer at multiple sites.
  • Volunteers must wash their hands often with soap and water and avoid touching their face.  Gloves are readily available and optional.  If wearing gloves, they should be changed often, and hands washed between use.
  • Workers must maintain a distance of 6 feet between other workers and clients when possible.  
  • Volunteers must log their volunteer hours.  When onsite, they must use the touchscreen to track their hours so there is a record of who was in the building.  When offsite, they will have access to an online tool to track their volunteer hours.  
  • Volunteers who feel unwell while volunteering at PRC must tell a staff member and leave immediately.  

Volunteers working on site who display COVID-19 symptoms will be asked to go home.   Thank you for helping us maintain a safe environment for staff, volunteers, and clients.

Food Stocking & Distribution Volunteer Opportunities 

Our food stocking and distribution processes have been modified during Covid.  Currently, rather than entering the facility, clients coming to PRC for food remain in their vehicle while pre-packed food is placed in their trunk.    Volunteers help by packing bags of food, asking brief questions of clients through their cracked vehicle window, and loading packed grocery bags into client vehicles.

Food Stocking & Distribution Volunteer requirements at this time:

  • Volunteers must be able to remain on their feet for 3 hours. 
  • Volunteers must be able to lift bags of groceries.
  • Volunteers must be over 13 years old.  
  • At this time, applications for community service hours for court are not being accepted.  

Things to note:

  • If you are a family signing up, please complete one application per person.
  • We cannot accommodate groups of more than 4 people.  Northern Illinois Food Bank (NIFB), a partner and supplier for PRC, is able to accommodate larger groups and is also in need of volunteers.  Go HERE and scroll to the section entitled ‘How to Give Help’ to learn more and sign up.  

To apply to volunteer in the Food Pantry, see the section below entitled Volunteer Applications

Other Volunteer Opportunities 

As this unique time unfolds, volunteer jobs outside of our food program have begun to adjust and resume.  

At this time, we are only accepting volunteer applications for positions that are currently open and, unless otherwise stated, all positions are for Adults aged 18+.  Go HERE to see a listing of what jobs are currently available. 

To apply to volunteer in an open position, see the section below entitled Volunteer Applications

Volunteer Applications

Choose the application below that fits you.

We will respond via email no later than 2 business days after you submit your application to provide next steps in the application process.

  • If you are aged 13+ and completing hours assigned by your school or church, click HERE.
  • If you are an individual aged 13-17 , click HERE.
  • If you are an individual aged 18+, click HERE.