PRC Pulse

Our new client newsletter is here!

We’re excited to share that there is now a monthly newsletter for PRC clients! The newsletter, called PRC Pulse, will be available on our website each month and offers information about PRC services, updates, and community resources. The newsletter came about as a result of client feedback regarding preferred methods to receive information and updates. We’re eager to connect in new ways with those who receive services from PRC. We’re hopeful that this single source that includes both PRC services and community resources can streamline and clarify information for our clients.

Note**Clients who opt-in to receive texts or emails from PRC will receive notifications when the newsletter is released. If you’d like to opt-in, please ask for a consent form during your next visit to PRC or you can complete the form electronically here:

Jessie Collins, a member of our Social Services team, will be collecting content from programs and community resources to write the newsletter each month. Thanks to Jessie and all those involved in this awesome new project!

Please click on a link below to read the issue for the month.