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Windows 10 and Office 2010

The following course lesson descriptions are based on the use of the Microsoft Windows 10 and Office 2010 software products. The courses are designed to be followed in sequence beginning with Introduction to Computers course and ending with PowerPoint. The Word and Excel classes can be taken in any sequence but should follow the Windows Fundamentals class.

Introduction to Computers

Introduction to Computers: Using Windows 10- Introduces the components of a computer, how to use a mouse, Windows Desktop, introduction to applications, Files and Folders, and using the Internet.

Following are PDF versions of the Introduction course material files in Spanish.

Windows Fundamentals

Windows Fundamentals: Windows 10 – Moving and resizing windows, creating files, folders, and shortcuts, Libraries and external drives, renaming and deleting files, A sampling of Windows applications, including MS-Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and introduces computer administration.

Following are PDF versions of the Fundamentals course material files in Spanish.

Word I

Word I: Word 2010- Getting Started, Creating and Saving, Formatting, Inserting, Copying, and Moving text, Enhancing documents, and other features

Following are PDF versions of the course material files.

Word II

Word II: Word 2010- Save As, Line and Paragraph Spacing, Indentations and Tabs, Mail Merge, Pictures and Shapes, Columns, Format Painter, Tracking Changes and Comparing Documents, Document Inspector, Applying and Creating Styles, Table of Contents, and Section Breaks

Excel I

Excel I: Excel 2010, Basic concepts, usage, formatting, formulas, databases, and protection

Following are PDF versions of the course material.

Excel II

Excel II: Excel 2010, Advanced concepts- Formatting, Functions and References, Charts, Customizing Excel, and Links

Following are PDF versions of the course material files.


PowerPoint –PowerPoint 2010, including understanding the value of PowerPoint as a presentation tool, creating PowerPoint presentations which include text, graphics, charts, tables and animation, using PowerPoint to convey information to an audience, and delivering a PowerPoint slide show presentation to an audience

Following are PDF versions of the course material files.