Meeting our Community's Needs - Neighbor to Neighbor

PRC's Dedicated Team

PRC's Board and staff work together to help our community - neighbor to neighbor.

Board and Staff

People's Resource Center Board of Directors  

Jeff Zidell

Erin Norton

Prashant Parikh

Brent Loebig



Board Members

Jack Baldermann

Ophelia Barsketis

Consuelo Cabral

Mary Constantino

John Dalby Jr.

Henry Davis Jr.

Sr. Pat Norton, OSF

Kathy O'Malley

Thomas G. Paulick

Kimberly VanderSchaaf

John Wallerius


People's Resource Center Executive Staff & Program Directors:

Executive Director
Jenifer Fabian

Director of Operations
Linda Cheatham

Senior Director of Programs
Christina LePage

Director of Development
Michelle B. Clegg

Art Program Director
Lesley Gena

Director of Social Services
Tonya Latson

Jobs Program Director & Community Relationship Manager
Debbie Lunger

Computer Literacy Director
Rebecca Eller

Adult Learning and Literacy Program Director
Rebecca Eller

IT and Computer Access Program Director
John Victor

To contact PRC staff, please use our Contact Us form to send an email or call our main line at 630-682-5402.


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