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“I was [getting money] turning in scrap metal. I was doing that to eat.”

Our Volunteers

Last year, over 1900 volunteers donated their time at PRC. With their help, we can meet our community’s needs – neighbor to neighbor.

Join us by volunteering onsite or support PRC from anywhere by organizing a drive - food, books, clothes - to secure resources to meet our community's needs.






Thank You for your Year-End Donation to PRC!


Thanks to our generous donors and supporters,  your end of year donation to People's Resource Center was matched dollar for dollar. That allowed your tax-deductible donation  to stretch even further to help the 32,000 clients that needed our services last year.


Volunteers, your donation was also matched by a local donor so your donation was tripled!


Your gifts will positively impact the lives of your neighbors and your community. Thank you for your generosity and the support you give us all year long.